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Chemapool Ltd. is a Single Limited Liability Company listed at the Regional Court of Veliko Tarnovo by decision since 24.02.2003. The residence of the company is situated in the town of Svishtov; address: Tsar Osvoboditel 96 str. Office 9. The main activity of the company is aimed at production and trading of agricultural products. Chemapool Ltd. is registered as agricultural producer since 2004. The company holds a certificate № 2502/13.03.2006 of wholesale trade of sowing materials. Since January 2010 the certificate includes manufacturing of sowing and planting materials.
№ 2502/13.03.2006 by the Executive Agency for Plant Variety Testing, Field Inspection and Seed Control.
The main crops grown at area of about 30 000 decares are wheat, rape, barley, sunflower, corn, soy-bean. A 22, 9 decares plum fruit-garden was made under SAPARD’s (Special Accession Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development) funding. The company is also a member of The Bulgarian Greenhouse Growers' Association (BGGA). Chemapool Ltd. has at its disposal lands, buildings, machinery and all the equipment needed to carry out its business. It works with leading trademarks machines such as John Deere, CLAAS, Bobcat and KUHN и Pronar equipment. Two projects under Measure 121 – Modernization of agricultural holdings for purchasing of agricultural machinery and farm equipment have been accomplished in order to increase the company’s competitiveness over the agricultural market.

Our main strategic goals are:

  • expanding of the leased land
  • expanding of the warehouse and the necessary equipment
  • purchasing new machinery and equipment
  • market research
  • establishing future contacts with new partners

The company is ready to cooperate with Western partners.