About us

Bases and Facilities

  • Silo base Morava – Our silo base was built in 2016 in the village of Morava. At the moment it consists of 6 silos, with a total capacity of 16,500 tons. Some of the silos are used for storage of our own production, and the rest is available for renting out. We are currently expanding the volume of our storage facility with 6 more silos, with total capacity of 17 400t.The total capacity of our storage facility will then become 33 900t.
  • Greenhouse production – In 2020, we completed the construction of our greenhouse in the village of Tsarevets. The greenhouse is 4.5 decares, where tomatoes are grown all year round.
  • Our base in Kulina Voda was acquired in 2003. We have 3 warehouses with total capacity of 3 900t. where we store our production produced on the territory of the land.

Social Activities

“KEMAPUL EOOD”, supports a number of activities, one part which includes social causes. The development of mass sports and in particularly football is one of them. Since the beginning of 2020, our company and the members of the Board of “Academik” Football Club, have been making efforts for the revival and development of the Club’s Children’s and Youth School. Through sports, children become more persistent, more disciplined, and last but not least – they are healthier.



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